Office superstar / personal assistant

FULL-TIME, PERMANENT - bournemouth, uk

Up to £21,000 / yr + 30% performance bonus

This role is NOT just for someone to make the tea. We can make our own tea...

Hey - we’re Aurora. At the moment, we’re in the midst of building a business in our third country (in only 12 months!) whilst automating most of our systems, building an app and rebranding our entire company.


It’s fair to say that we’re a little… busy.


That’s why we’re looking to hire an office superstar - someone who lives and breathes organisation, attention to detail and people skills. 


If you’ve previously worked as a PA or in a similarly administrative role and you’re looking for a non-corporate, exciting company where you can take real responsibility - this opportunity could be for you.


And if you’ve never worked as a PA or in an administrative role - but you tick the all boxes in this advert - this opportunity could be for you!


So, what will you be doing? In a small, fast-paced company, things sometimes slip through the cracks.


Occasionally we’ll need an extra pair of hands. Maybe for recruitment, or marketing. Or employee appraisals, website testing, auditing, meeting booking, project managing, budget setting - you get the picture.


We want you to be that extra pair of hands - ready to dive in and help out, no matter what the challenge is, and whether it’s big or small. Disclaimer: you will be kept busy.


The Right Candidate:


We’re looking for three main things:


  1. Someone who CARES about what they do. We don’t like paper pushers, people who only do things because they have to and employees who can’t wait to clock off at five. Instead, we want people who will care enough to find problems themselves and solve them proactively.


  2. Someone who embraces change. Our business constantly EVOLVES - we need people that can drive it forwards. If you’re someone who cares a lot about personal development, self improvement and improving yourself as well as our business, apply within.


  3. A person who can ACHIEVE. It’s sometimes controversial, but we believe that hard work without results counts for nothing. To join us, you need a burning desire to succeed. 

The Rest:

So, what’s left? Here's a little bit about us:


We are both a startup and a £1 billion success story. We have the fun, energy, drive and determination of a start-up, but are also part of an organisation that has created more than 10 multi-million pound companies in the past 20 years.


We like playing mini golf and going bowling together, having staff weekends in million pound houses at Christmas, eating free breakfasts and £1 restaurant-quality lunches from around the world at our office cafe, hitting the gym with our free membership, having free beers on a Friday and… long walks on the beach. 


But most of all, we enjoy building a team of smart, passionate people and a running a business that has a real, positive impact in the world.


Think you’ve got what it takes?

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